with Pastor Kevin        Cavanaugh

Last Updated 5-6-2020 

Dear Members, Friends, and Neighbors,
We are here for all of you. Today I want to launch operation” Covid Recovery”. We want to be a blessing to all of the people who God has called us to reach. We are in unprecedented times and many people are facing much struggle with hearts full with the fear of uncertainty. Our mission will be to provide aid and support through this time in our nation. check back daily to keep your heart and mind renewed. Also, do not hesitate to contact our ministry with things you may need help with. We will do our best to help with your situation. Below you will find a list of things we are doing over the next few weeks as well as our contact information.

Pastor Kevin Cavanaugh

Cell # 610-453-8459
Work # 610-380-1600
Email. pastorcavanaugh@vcs4u.org

Please review the following points:

  • Drive-in services are available at 11am and 5pm.
  • When you arrive simply tune your radio to 87.9 FM and enjoy the service from your car.
  • Park anyplace that allows you to see the pulpit on the stage. 
  • Sunday morning services will be available for live streaming at 11am.
  • Sunday evening service will be available for live streaming at 5pm.
  • Wednesday evening service will be available for live streaming at 7pm
  • Please contact us at info@vcs4u.org  for any needs you may have.
  • We are available to meet with you or your loved ones by appointment.
  • If you need prayer or somebody to talk to anytime day or night please contact us.
  • All are welcome to join us for a prayer meeting 6-7pm Monday through Thursday at the church (Saturday at 4pm). Our community needs prayer more then ever. We will keep the prayer groups to 5 per room and will follow strict sanitation procedures.
  • If you are elderly or handicap and need assistances with getting supplies from the store please contact us.
  • We have hope available to the hopeless. If you are longing for understanding of the times we live in, give us a call.
  • We do not know what the future holds, but we know who holds the future.
  • To watch our live streamed church services click here.
  • To donate or give your tithes and offerings online click here.